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construction consulting

Construction consulting is a form of management consulting which involves providing consultancy services for all aspects of construction. Specifically, architectural design entails providing consultancy with regards to construction management, quality control, cost estimation and control, constructability review and contract administration.

Consultancy services in construction management involve developing and monitoring the project schedule for the construction project, advising on the hiring of contractors and other construction specialists for the project, and coordinating all the teams involved in the project. Construction management consultancy should also involve advising the client on the local laws that the client should adhere to before, during, and after the construction period. In small projects, the role of construction management consultancy will also involve quality control in the project. The construction management consultant will ensure that all the materials and equipment used in the project conform to the requisite standards. Additionally, the work done in the project should conform to the work specified in the contract documents. However, in large projects, construction management, and quality control are separate aspects of architectural design are usually carried out by different consultants.

Cost estimation and control is critical for the accountability of projects. Estimating the cost of a project is a complex and tedious process that is subject to numerous errors. Establishing the market rates for the different construction activities requires extensive knowledge and experience in the construction industry. Construction consulting professionals can provide good estimates of the construction costs, based on their experiences with previous projects. The client can avoid extreme construction cost variances that may delay the timely completion of the project. Once the construction costs are estimated, the construction consultants monitor the cost of the project during the construction period of the project to ensure that the project is within budget. Construction control involves acquiring and operating efficient accounting systems to record all construction costs.

Constructability review and contract administration involve reviewing and enforcing the contract. Constructability review involves carrying out an appraisal of all the contract documents, with emphasis on their accuracy and scope. The aim of architectural design in this respect is to ensure that all the client’s requirements are included in the contract documents. The consulting professionals also ensure that the contract does not have gray areas that may jeopardize the implementation of the project. Once all the contract documents are in order, the construction consultant is tasked with contract administration. Contract administration entails ensuring that all the contract specifications are followed through to completion. The construction consultant also acts as an arbitrator in conflicts among the consultants that pertain to the contract documents.

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