Foundation Inspection Dallas, ALL foundation inspection is done with the supervision of  our associates KIA ENGINEERING.

We are a professional Foundation Inspection Dallas company and we are the go-to firm that residents and clients run to when it comes to foundation matters for their residential and commercial properties.
Wherever foundation Inspection issues are concerned, they actually should be handled only by trained experts/professionals and by seasoned civil engineers, structural engineers or a geo engineer where required. This is where we fit the project description and requirements for fulfilling every foundation inspection services in Dallas.

We offer the best bids and pricing in this field and we have a proven track record of efficient and excellent services in this area with no competition matching up to our projects.

Foundation Inspection Dallas
Foundation Inspection Dallas
We have in our employ the best of registered and licensed engineers that are courteous and highly skilled in the service to clients for foundation inspection activities.
 Thus if you have a faulty foundation, a cracked Foundation that requires some structural repair in Dallas, you can count on us as several thousands of happy & satisfied clients trust us to effect precise foundation inspection on site. If you are also looking at new constructions, we will help you get it right!
As a smart-wise person that wouldn’t want to spend money for maintenance or repairs in the wrong direction, it is always better if you genuinely want to get your foundation problem fixed lastingly with stability to primarily seek out to discover the exact kind of foundation piers or crack solution required for fixing uniquely the problem.
And that’s our job to help you find that out, as our workforce of certified foundation inspection engineers and contractors are here in Dallas to help you determine that and save you money and cost in the short and long run.
We are available to work with you 24 hours 7 days and thus if you’d like to meet with any of our trained structural professionals for a home/office foundation inspection in Dallas & DFW area, contact us today at (469) 867-7526 Foundation Inspection Dallas & DFW area.